A cordless air compressor, also known as acordless compressor, is a battery-powered device used to compress air for a variety of uses.

Thebest cordless air compressorwill be lightweight, feature a threaded connector, and will include a 5-inch air hose.

Air compressors are extremely useful pieces of equipment. They work by driving a pump that compresses air.

This compressed air is then stored in a tank for later use. Cordless air compressors can be used for all kinds of tasks such as operating tools,airing up tires, cleaning out electronics, and much, much more (Source).

Cordless air compressors used to be large and bulky machines that required a lot of power to operate, but advancements in compressor and battery technologies have enabled the manufacture of highly efficient, extremely compact, and surprisingly powerful portable air compressors.

With the internet giving consumers so many options to find buy tools online, finding the right cordless air compressor can be a real challenge.

best cordless air compressor

Before you buy a cordless air compressor, first consider the maximum pressure rating, weight, and cost. You should also consider its warranty, and it’s physical dimensions (Source).

In this review, we will examine the top cordless air compressors.

All of the cordless air compressors in this article will supply you with the compressed air you need, whether you are needing to power pneumatic tools at a job site, or you’re just needing to fill up a tire on the side of the road.

What Is The Best Cordless Air Compressor?

TheOntel Air Hawk Prois the best cordless air compressor because it fills tires fast and has no messy wires. Unlike other models, this tool also automatically shuts off when inflated and has a Digital LED pressure gauge.

Ontel Air Hawk Pro Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator Portable...
  • Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator
  • Digital LED Tire Gauge
  • Inflates in 90 Seconds or Less!

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What is a Cordless Air Compressor?

An electric air or uses electric energy to drive a piston that compresses and stores the pressurized air in its storage tank. Unlike the conventional electric air compressors, modern cordless air compressors are powered by a rechargeable battery.

All you need to do is recharge its battery, often through the cigarette port in your car. The best cordless air compressor models come in compact and lightweight designs, for easier transportation and storage.

Even so, these devices are powerful enough to power an array of pneumatic tools as well.

In addition to inflating your car, motorbike, or even bicycle tires, a portable air compressor may also be used to power such tools like nail guns and spray-painting guns.

However, you just have to choose the best compressor to get such versatility.

Comparing the Best Cordless Air Compressor Models

Product name Max PSI Best Feature
Kensun AC/DC Rapid Performance 120 PSI Compact size and top-notch functionality
Avid Power 120 PSI Li-ion Battery
Fineed Portable 150 PSI Two Way Charging
Jaco SmartPro Digital Inflation Pump 100 PSI large LED light
Audew Portable Air Compressor Pump 100 PSI Durable Construction
Air Hawk Pro 150 PSI Auto Shut Down

1.Ontel Air Hawk Pro Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator– Best Cordless Air Compressor Overall

This Ontel cordless air compressor model is a preferred automatic inflator among many vehicle owners. It features an auto-stop feature that allows you to preset the unit to your preferred pressure level.

Once that level is reached, the unit will shut itself automatically to prevent overfilling. You will also find ten compressors to be relatively lightweight and compact in design, allowing for easy storage and transportation.

This Air Hawk Proincludes a flexible 5-inch long air hose with a threaded connector to ensure a proper seal with valves. The unit comes with pin attachments, along with you to use it on inflatable toys and balls.

It runs on a rechargeable battery, but also comes with a 12V cable adaptor that may be used for continuous inflation. You will all get an 11-inch car adapter for recharging the compressor battery while on the move.

这空气压缩机还有一个内置的光for illumination in dark conditions. For more details check out ourreview of air Hawk Pro

Ontel Air Hawk Pro Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator Portable...
  • Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator
  • Digital LED Tire Gauge
  • Inflates in 90 Seconds or Less!

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2.Ryobi P737 18-Volt ONE+ Portable Cordless Power Inflator– Most Affordable Battery-Powered Air Compressor

This Ryobi cordless air compressor has been designed for improved versatility, hence may be used on an array of inflatables. The tool is compatible with the famous ONE+ battery system by the manufacturer.

This 18-volt rechargeable battery has been proven to last for a long time. This allows you to use the compressor a number of times before having to recharge the battery.

Though powerful and fast in operation, you will find the P737 to be comparatively smaller than most compressors in its class. For enhanced portability, it is fitted with an ergonomic pistol grip handle.

Ryobi P737 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless Power Inflator with P108...
  • This bundle includes: Ryobi P737 18-volt one+ power inflator and a P108 18-Volt ONE+ Lithium-Ion 4.0 Ah LITHIUM+ High Capacity Battery

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The tool comes with several accessories, including two high-pressure nozzles, an on-board pressure gauge, and one needle attachment for inflatable sports equipment. This Ryobi air compressor cordless is also equipped with a 20-inch hose to increase its range.

3.Oasser Air Compressor Electric Inflator– Best Rechargeable Cordless Air Compressor

Powered by a 12-Volt Rechargeable Li-ion battery, the Oasser cordless air compressor is powerful enough to deliver up to 130 PSI of air pressure.

This 2200mAh capacity battery is capable of inflating up to four sizes 185/70R14 tires with a single charge. For motorbike and bicycle tires, this auto inflator is capable of inflating up to 10 tires fully.

However, these are not the only things the compressor may be used to inflate; it comes with a number of additional nozzles for added versatility.

Additionally, this small air compressor comes with all the accessories you need, including a storage bag, a 12V power base, two air hoses as well as quick coupling, and tooling gloves.

Oasser Air Compressor Electric Inflator Portable Hand Held...
  • Come with 2200 large Battery: The rechargeable Oasser electric air compressor can be turned on rapidly. It can inflate cars, bicycles, motorbikes, balls and inflatable toys very quickly
  • Free Gift of Abundant Accessories: 12V power base, storage bag, 2 Air Hoses 13.78inch and 4.72inch, quick coupling and tooling gloves
  • Fashionable and portable: The pump with LED light is uniquely pistol-shaped and portable to use in the daytime or nighttime

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Equipped with an LCD digital pressure gauge that features power display and preset tire pressure capabilities.

4.DEWALT DCC020IB 20V Max Inflator– Best 20 V Cordless Tire Inflator

Although this DeWalt cordless air compressor is primarily designed for battery use, it may also b plugged in or a 110 V AC power output socket. As such, you may use the tool on the site or even on the move.

It features a high-pressure rubber hose for durability. The threaded chuck and included onboard accessories of the compressor make it easy to inflate items, ranging from tires to balls.

This DeWalt air compressor is also equipped with a digital gauge, making it rather easy for you to set your preferred pressure level.

Regardless of what you are inflating, these tools allow for fast inflation, all you need to do is press a button and the unit will do the rest. The onboard LED light on this model will offer the illumination you require in dark places.

However, you will be required to buy the Battery, charger, and AC power adapter separately.

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Tire Inflator, Tool Only (DCC020IB)
  • Air compressor tire inflator comes with high-pressure inflation mode with automatic shutoff
  • Digital tire inflator has high-volume inflation and deflation modes
  • LED light of the portable tire inflator for car helps to provide illumination

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5.BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Multi-purpose Inflator– Best High-pressure Cordless Air Compressor

This Black & Decker cordless air compressor is powered by a 20V Lithium battery. Based on user reviews, it is one of the best multi-purpose battery-powered air compressors in the market. Even so, the compressor may be used with a 12 V AC or a 120 V AC power source for added versatility.

Its high-volume output quickly fills larger inflatables like rafts and air mattresses within a very short time. Unlike many other air compressors within its category, this unit features a delete functionality that is capable of deflating various items fast. It comes complete with a digital pressure gauge and an automatic shutoff feature.

As such, you only need to calibrate it to the required PSI, start the compressor, and focus on other things. As a prove of excellent quality, the product is backed by a 2-year warranty by the manufacturer.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Cordless Air Compressor

Cordless air compressors are not as powerful as the corded models. However, you still need to ensure that you buy the right model for the intended application.

Rather than opting for the cheapest model, it is advisable to get one that offers the best value for money. In this regard, these are some of the important things you should consider while shopping for the best cordless air compressor:

PSI Range

不同的空气压缩机轮胎泵设计to deliver a certain amount of pressure. Depending on the intended application, you need to check whether your preferred air compressor hose is suited for your operations.

This is often expressed in Pound-force per square inch (PSI).

For instance, if your tires need to be inflated to 100 PSI, you should go for a unit with a max pressure range of 120 PSI or even higher. Basically, it is advisable to go for a compressor with a range that is about 30-50 PSI more than what you are trying to inflate.

Most of the best low-pressure cordless air compressors have a PSI range of between 30 and 150PSI.

Such a unit may also be used to power an assortment of pneumatic tools since most of them only require about 120 PSI to run. Make sure to use a suitable air compressor hose for your operations as well.

Battery Life

无绳electric air compressors are entirely powered by rechargeable batteries. As such, the performance of the device will partially depend on the type of battery it has.

Most of the leading portable mini air compressor brands use 12 V batteries on their units. Even so, you should get one that highly efficient on the battery.

To begin with, you need to check how long the battery lasts, or rather the number of times you can use the tool on a single charge. Again, you need to ensure that the battery charges rather fast to ensure increased uptimes.Oasser Air Compressor Electric Inflator Portable Hand Held Pump with Digital LCD Rechargeable Li-ion 12V 130PSI P2

If not provided by the manufacturer, you should ensure that you get the right battery pack for your compressor. Using the wrong battery may cause the unit to malfunction.

Charging Cord

Most of the best portable electric air compressors com to feature an AC charging port. In most cases, this port may only be connected to mains electricity using the appropriate charging cord.

If it is meant for use on car tires, you should get a model that comes with a cigarette lighter charging cord. With such a cord, you only need to plug it into the cigarette lighter port in your car to charge the air compressor battery.


How fast can your preferred battery-powered air compressor deliver pressurized air? The rate of airflow in an air compressor portable is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM).

This will determine how fast the tool can inflate a tire. Some of the best battery-powered air compressor models have a CFM range of 0.6 to 2.8 CFM.

Automated Cut-Off

With this feature on your compressor, you do not need to be physically present the entire time the tire is being inflated. You only need to plug the air hose into the nozzle, preset the required tire PSI and start the compressor.

Once the preset PSI is achieved, the compressor will automatically stop the inflation process and probably shut down.

Air Tank Capacity

A good number of the portable air compressor models feature a built-in tank for holding compressed air. This stored air may be used to inflate tires or power pneumatic tools, without having to start the air compressor.

As the air in the tank is used, the pressure will decrease. When the preset tank threshold level is reached, some models are designed to turn the compressor on automatically.

Once the desired pressure is reached, the motor will turn off. Most of the best portable units have a capacity of between 1 and 6 gallons.

Additional Nozzle Attachments

Choose a model that comes with multiple nozzle attachments. This makes it possible for you to connect the tool to an array of chuck sizes as well as an assortment of pneumatic tools.

Ontel Air Hawk Pro Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor, Easy to Read Digital Pressure Gauge, Built In LED Light

Such attachments will give you a tool that can be used for a variety of purposes around the home.

How to Use a Cordless Air Compressor

也称为便携式轮胎增压泵,cordless air compressors may be used for an array of applications. Using such a tool to inflate your car or motorbike tire is rather straightforward.

This is particularly the case with the models that feature an automatic cut-off capability. Here are some tips to help you use a cordless air compressor properly:

Making the Connection

Most of the leading modern air compressors come with an assortment of attachments to suit an array of tire valves and other inflatables.

Almost all the modern air compressors come with all the tools and attachments you need to inflate your tire. The tire chuck is the tinny tool that attaches between the tire valve and the nozzle of the air hose.

You need to ensure that this connection is made properly, such that the chuck depresses the little valve switch inside the tire valve in order for air to flow.

Preset the Shut-Off PSI

If the model has an automatic shut-off feature, you should calibrate it to the right PSI level of the tire or item you are inflating. Thereafter, you can start the compressor, depression the hose valve, and lock it in position.

The compressor will continue inflation until the order PSI is reached. It will then shut itself down automatically to prevent overfilling. Regardless of what you are inflating, it is advisable tokeep the compressor dry at all times.

As an electrical device, a portable air compressor can be shorted if it gets wet whilst operating. They also typically include a pair of rotating, metal screws that suck in air.

Storing in a moisture-rich environment can cause the screws to rust, and eventually break the compressor down.

Monitoring the Pressure

If the cordless inflator does not have an automatic cut-off capability, you will need to monitor the pressure manually. This is particularly the case when topping up a tire.

If left unmonitored, the compressor will overfill the tire and may even cause it to burst. With such a model, you need to depress the hose trigger continuously, while monitoring the pressure gauge.

Once the desired PSI level is achieved, just release the trigger to stop airflow. You should then proceed to shut the compressor down.

Ready to Use a Cordless Air Compressor?

As a driver or car owner, you probably have had a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. In such a case, a portable electric air compressor will come in handy.

Such a tool may also be used with a range ofpneumatic home tools. However, you just have to invest in the right model in order to get this versatility.

Furthermore, you can opt for an array of brands, such asDeWalt, Ryobi,密尔沃基, Lowe’s air compressors, and many more.

Just like the five models reviewed above, your preferred air compressor should feature sturdy construction, be lightweight, and still powerful enough for the intended application.

With this guide, you should have an easy time choosing the best cordless air compressor. If you are using acordless air compressorconsider buying the quality air chucks with a gauge.

These are the small,portable tire inflatorsthat connect to the tire to inflate or deflate the tire.Air chucks with an inbuilt gaugemay also be used to check tire air pressure.