Popular for its high-quality products, components, and accessories, PowerMate is one of the leading air compressor manufacturers.

The best Powermate air compressors come in a myriad of sizes and compressed air capacities.To get the right one, you should consider the air compressor type, pressure range, airflow, drive type, and a number of stages.

Regardless of the choice, Powermate compressors will offer you superior performance, durability, and efficiency.Reviewed below are the top four Powermate air compressor models you should consider.

Best Powermate Air Compressors

压缩机米odel Max PSI CFM @ 90PSI Receiver Tank Capacity
PowerMate Vx PLA4708065 80 155 PSI 14 SCFM 80 Gallons
PowerMate Vx PLA4708065 80 155 PSI 5.3 SCFM 30 Gallons
Powermate PL1581109 11-Gallon 125 PSI 4 SCFM 11 Gallons
PowerMate Vx VNP0000101 100 0.4 SCFM 1 Gallon

1.Powermate Vx PLA1683066Twin Cylinder Air Compressor

The efficiency of this unit may be attributed to the cast iron, V-twin cylinder, oil lubricated pump by the manufacturer.

The pump design features a one-piece cast iron crankcase, thermally stable cast iron cylinder body, aluminum head, and a machined cast iron valve plate.

For enhanced durability, the model is equipped with automotive-style ball bearings, cast iron balanced flywheel, and stainless steel Reed valves. It is also fitted with an oil-level sight glass and easily accessible oil fill.

The air pressure regulator on this model allows you to adjust line pressure to the tool you are using. The model also has a pressure release valve, which is situated at the bottom side of the pressure switch.

It releases compressed air from the compressor head and outlet tube when the compressor reaches “cut-out” or is shut off. This allows for easier starting of the motor.

Powermate Vx PLA1683066 30-Gallon Portable Twin Cylinder...
  • Includes an Oil Lubricated Pump with a One-Piece Cast Iron Crankcase
  • Features a Thermally Stable Cast Iron Cylinder Body
  • Includes Automotive Style Ball Bearings and Durable Stainless Steel Reed Valves

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  • Features a small footprint, and wheels for easy maneuvering
  • The oil-lubricated pump features one-piece cast iron crankcase
  • The body of the compressor is made of thermally stable cast iron
  • Fitted with a 10-inch cast-iron balanced flywheel, and an easily accessible oil fill
  • Equipped with automotive style ball bearings, and stainless steel Reed valves for improved durability


  • c的空气ompressor is pre-filled with soil at the factory, and the oil may spill during transportation if not handled properly.

2.Powermate PL158110911-Gallon Vertical Air Compressor

The PowerMate PL1581109 features the innovative patented Invector Technology. The technology incorporates a single path, multi-fin cooling, and a silencer intake port.

This, in turn, results in improved sound quality and optimizes compressor cooling.c的空气ompressor also features a user-friendly design and is suited for such applications as worship, sewing, and garage pneumatic tools.

In addition to the convenient rubber wheels, the unit comes with a relatively long electric cord for extended reach.

Powermate PL1581109 11-Gallon Invector Vertical Air...
  • Oil free, low maintenance operation
  • Circuit breaker friendly motor
  • Compact shroud design with fully integrated regulator, gauges, air outlet, large on/off switch, tool holders and tool tray

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c的空气ompressor pump used in this model features an Oil-Free design that requires minimal maintenance to perform efficiently.

The model has a securely-installed cogged belt that is very durable. The compressor comes fully assembled, saving you the hustle and effort.


  • The motor used on this model is the circuit breaker friendly for improved safety
  • Highly efficient on electricity, requiring about half of the starting current required by other compressors in the same category
  • The oil-design of the pump allows for the production of high-quality compressed air with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Coupled to an 11-gallon air storage tank that requires less storage space
  • c的空气ompressor comes fully assembled, and runs right out of the box


  • You may find the 11-gallon air receiver tank on this compressor comparatively small for running multiple tools simultaneously.

3.PowerMate Vx VNP0000101无奈煎饼空气压缩机

Get the best value for your money with the PowerMate Vx VNP0000101 Pancake Air Compressor. The compressor comes with an Extra value kit.

The CSA and UL certified kit include an inflation needle, 25-foot recoil air hose, 2 raft/mattress inflation nozzles, adapter fitting, quick coupler, ball tire chuck, and a male thread connector.

The compressor features a compact, and lightweight design, and is suited for home applications like inflating bike tires, beach toys, sports balls, and rafts, blow cleaning, air brushing, and light-duty nailing and stapling.

PowerMate Vx VNP0000101 1-Gallon Pancake Air Compressor with...
  • 1-Gallon tank is lightweight and very portable
  • Fully enclosed shroud protects working components
  • Equipped with tank pressure gauge, easy access on/off switch and 1/4” air outlet

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It features a pressure relief valve, that serves as a safety feature whenever the pressure switch malfunctions.

If the pressure switch doesnot shut down the motor when the pressure reaches the preset level, this valve will pop open automatically to prevent over pressurization. It may also be pulled for manual operation.


  • Features a compact and lightweight design for enhancing portability
  • Fitted with an integrated handle for easier carrying
  • Equipped with a fully enclosed shroud to protect the motor and pump assembly
  • Has rubber feet to prevent it from moving during operation
  • Comes with an easy-to-open tank drain valve


  • The compressor only has a 50% duty cycle and is fitted with a one-gallon tank, rendering it unsuited for continuous operation.

4.PowerMate Vx PLA470806580-Gallon Electric Air Compressor

The Vx PLA4708065 PowerMate air compressor is designed for continuous operation. In addition to the powerful Hi-Flo single stage cast iron air motor/pump, the model is fitted with a large, 80-gallon receiver tank.

Though large in capacity, the tank is fitted vertically to save on storage space.You will find this compressor to be relatively easy to use, with a built-in tank pressure gauge, and a convenient On/Off switch.

Powermate Vx PLA4708065 80-Gallon Electric Air Compressor
  • Features a Powerful 240-Volt, 15-Amp Motor that Delivers 4.7-HP
  • Offers a 155-PSI Maximum Pressure
  • Provides 14-CFM at 90-PSI for Longer Air Tool Run Times on Ratchets, Impacts, Spray Guns and Hammers

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The manufacturer offers the initial air compressor oil refill with each purchase.

Featuring a cast-iron construction, the pump has three cylinders for improved capacity.The pump features aluminum head and valve plate, which allow for easier dissipation of heat and cooling of the pump.

This, in turn, results in a better duty cycle for safe and efficient continuous operation.


  • Powered by a powerful 240-Volt, 15-Amp Motor that Delivers 4.7 HP
  • The model easily delivers a flow rate of 14 CFM at 90 PSI for longer pneumatic tool runtime
  • Equipped with an 80-gallon receiver tank, allowing you to use compressed air even when the motor is off
  • The cast iron pump is oil-lubricated for improved efficiency and heat dissipation
  • Capable of delivering up to 155 PSI of air pressure for optimum tool performance


  • The compressor needs to be bolted to the ground, which will cost you more in installation costs. Again, this means that you cannot move the compressor from one job site to another.

Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Powermate Air Compressor

The right air compressor will continuously offer you the compressed air you need to power an array of pneumatic tools.

In addition to power tools, compressed air is also used in manufacturing and converting processes as well as for refrigeration and filtration.

This being the case, the best air compressor differs from one application to another. Regardless of the application, proper design and operation of an air compressor are critical.

To get the right unit, you need to understand your specific compressed air requirements.

Particularly, you need to worry about how, where, and when the compressor will be used. These are some of the important considerations you should make while shopping for an air compressor:

Air Compressor Type

Air compressors come in different types, all of which are suited for different applications. Your choice of the ideal Compressor Type should be influenced by the intended application.

Additionally, you also need to ascertain whether the unit will be used in a clean or dirty, indoor, or outdoor environment.

Will the demand for compressed air be steady during operation or they tend to vary? Finally, you need to check the pressure requirements of your compressed air system.

With these in mind, you will need to choose between the two main compressor types:

  • Dynamic Compressors– these use centrifugal or axial impellers impart velocity to the air, which is then converted to pressure. Most of the leading dynamic compressor models operate at high speeds.
  • Positive Displacement Compressorsthese use vanes, rotary screws, or reciprocating pistons to compress air.

Compressors are further categorized into different sub-types depending on their designand operation. Discussed below are some of the common air compressor types you should consider:

Reciprocating Compressors

These are air compressors that apply the reciprocating motion of a piston within a cylinder to compress air.

If you need a reciprocating compressor with a higher capacity, you should go for the models that have multiple cylinders.

Reciprocating compressors are available both in air-cooled or water-cooled, as well as lubricated, and non-lubricated configurations.

If you preferOil-Free reciprocating compressors, get a model that uses PTFE style rider andwear rings on the pistons.Reciprocating air compressors are best suited for applications that require low flow rates and/or high pressure.

Get a single-stage reciprocating compressor for lower-pressure applications (70 PSIG to 100 PSIG), and a two-stage model for high-pressure applications (100 PSIG to 250 PSIG)

Reciprocating Compressors 

Rotary Screw Compressors

These are positive Displacement compressors that apply the action of two intermeshing rotors within twin-bore housing to compress air. Such models are suited forsteady loads with long hours of operation.

If this so your preferred Compressor Type, you need to choose the right capacity control mechanism.In this case, you need to choose between variable displacement and variable speed control options.

In either case, the compressor will offer you smooth, pulse-free air output. They come in both Oil-Free and oil-injected options.

Again, the Oil-Freerotary-screw compressorsare offered in two main configurations: water injected and dry configurations.

Centrifugal Compressors

These are dynamic air compressors that use high-speed rotating impellers to accelerate air. They are ideal for high-gas volume applications, especially in steel plants, chemical factories, and gas transmission systems.

Centrifugal compressors convert the angular momentum imparted by the rotating impellers to deliver a high-pressure discharge.

In order to achieve this, centrifugal compressors are designed to operate at higher speeds than other compressor types.As a result, centrifugal air compressors are noisier in operation, and not suited for indoor applications.

Drive Type

An air compressor pump may be driven by an electric motor, steam turbine, or an engine. Electric air compressors are the commonest of them all and are often suited for light-duty to medium duty applications.

Models that are powered by an engine or a steam turbine are usually larger and more powerful, hence are suited for heavy-duty applications.

They will also come in handy in remote areas that do not have access to electricity.

Number Of Compression Stages

Different types of air compressors are available in both Single-Stage and multi-stage configurations. Multi-stage compression is meant it discharge air at a higher pressure, usually more than 80 PSIG.

With multi-stage compressors, the air is cooled between successive compression stages.

这导致提高能源效率。这样的米odels are also known to offer better mechanical balance and uniform torque of the multi-crank unit.

Multi-stage air compressors also exhibit lower pressure in the IP cylinder clearance, resulting in increased volumetric efficiency.

Final Verdict

PowerMate is a renowned manufacturer of air compressors and a range of pneumatic tools.

Their air compressor models are preferred for their reliability, capacity, reliability, and affordable maintenance. Their various compressor models are suited for different applications.

Powermate compressors

You need to consider the type, performance as well as the number of cylinders, and compression stages while shopping for the best PowerMate air compressor.

Although different compressor uses have varying requirements, this guide will help you choose the right one.